10 Questions With Jam Jar Gill

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Gill and I connected through Instagram about a month ago when we discovered we both share a love for the eco-lifestyle and each write our own style of blog. We decided to do a collaboration to learn more about each other and share with all of you. This is Gill's answers to our 10 questions.

Q1. Where do you get your inspiration/motivation from?

I am very much into personal development, I am always looking to learn and to grow and to become a better version of myself, day on day, week on week, year on year. I love my audible membership and podcasts, YouTube videos, documentaries and just quotes and social media profiles of inspirational souls too. I think it’s a very powerful thing to seek online mentors along with people you know in person too, I have a close knit group of girlfriends and we make a habit of lifting each other up like I believe all humans should.

Q2. Are you reading a book at the moment? Do you have any recommendations?

Since being introduced to Audible a few years ago on a gifted annual membership from my wonderful Mum-in-law, I have got through a lot of books, you get one credit a month, which is really great motivation to keep growing and learning, a handful of my favourites are:

Year of Yes: Shonda Rhimes

Big Magic: Elizabeth Gilbert

Girl Wash Your Face: Rachel Hollis

Becoming: Michelle Obama

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess: Jen Hatmaker

Where’s My Happy Ending: Anna Whitehouse & Matt Farquharson

What I know for Sure: Oprah Winfrey

Eat Pray Love: Elizabeth Gilbert

City of Girls: Elizabeth Gilbert

Multi-hyphen Method: Emma Gannon

Earth is Hiring: Peta Kelly

And many more besides, but I’ll stop there.

Q3. What's your favourite eco-friendly product you have tried so far?

I have several of these too, but the most practical and behaviour changing ones have been:

Washable pads

Washable Bagel Wraps

Foam Soap Dispensers

Q4. How do you think other people would describe you?

Happy, positive, always trying to smile, kind, creative.

Q5. What do you think about the climate crisis and how does the future look to you?

I think it can be depressing in some ways, and so positive in others, in that I have, relatively recently found community with so many who care about making changes in their lives which will make a difference if everyone does a little. I do think we are at a crossroads, and that we need to make big and legislative changes to make green mainstream, I can see that its certainly starting to happen but I worry that there needs to be a fundamental societal change across the board to fix what is broken.

Q6. What do you do for exercise/ wellbeing?

My main forms of exercise are yoga and walking, but I also love to dance and being a Mum to 3 yr old twins is often enough exercise in itself.

Q7. What Selfcare practices do you manage daily?

Gratitude journal is one of my big ones, also when I manage to have my first cuppa alone the day always starts better with a little headspace.

Q8. What do you do for downtime/to relax?

I love quality TV shows when the kids are in bed, current favourites include The Crown, This is Us and Grace & Frankie.

Q9. What is the goal for your blogging/influencer brand? How would you like it to make a difference in the world?

I want conscious consumerism to be on everyone’s agenda, I want people to think before they buy and I want to contribute in whatever way I can to making green mainstream.

Q10. What is your top thrifty eco tip - something which people could do to be more green without spending lots of money?

Buy second hand! It is the best way to be thrifty and green at the same time, all we need to do on this one is remove the stigma around it and just make it the norm. You can get things so cheap and of such good quality and feel so good about what you are doing, it's just a shift in mindset – once I started buying second hand clothes I will never go back, even if I am wealthy one day – I will always buy second hand clothes and furniture.

Please head over and check out Gill's post 10 Questions: Eco Blogger Yasmin Upton. You can find more of Gill on:







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